pic with my new haircutThis is my first blog and I am proud to be writing this “about me” page.

I find it a bit ackward to talk about myself as If I was an important person but I guess this is what this page is for.

Ok, I am amanda lynn from New Jersey.

I decided to open a blog because this is a way to keep in the same place all the things I like about beauty, or fashion and nails too. It will be my little digital diary where I will talk about different stuff I like.

If you wonder what the name means, in fact, I had a hard time deciding what name I would give to my blog;

I did not want something too classic, or too cheesy so I focused on what I really  wanted to do with this blog.

I basically want to share with every women beauty tips, opinions about cosmetics, fashion designers, nail designs etc… as if we were a big family, like sisters, so I thought of the name sisters of Internet, but that would have been a bit too long.

You learn in marketing that a good name has to be short, so I thought of contracting the words into SISTOINT.

I liked the sound of it, checked it was available to register so decided it would be a fun name to give to my blog.

What do you think?

So welcome to Sistoint.com and I hope you will come often to grab a coffee and discuss 🙂